Brazilian Cheese Bread

brazilian cheese bread gluten free

Brazilian Cheese Bread. Why you are so delicious?

Cheese bread is a typical Brazilian recipe from the state of Minas Gerais. Its origin is uncertain, it has been speculated that recipe has existed since the eighteenth century, but has become effectively popular in Brazil since the 1950s.

Although it is referred to as “bread”, cheese bread basically consists of a type of biscuit made from sweet or sour cassava flour AKA Tapioca flour, with eggs, salt, vegetable oil and cheese, with a soft and elastic consistency.

There are several different recipes where the ingredients and the type of cheese vary a lot – as well as the
end result. Some use sweet cassava, some sour, or even both. But what gives its main characteristic is
the fact of being made from cassava starch and some kind of cheeses available locally.

Minas Gerais is known for the best cheeses in Brazil. They have a tradition that goes back for centuries when it comes down to cheeses. They are the pros around that region and let me tell you… They know what they are doing. Some of the local cheeses used to make Brazilian cheese bread is only available locally so if you are trying to make some traditional bread, you are going to need to improvise your own mix of cheeses to find a blend that works for you.

As Brazilian Cheese Bread is taking off here in the USA, it is important to notice that now some of the ingredients are now available here. But, keep in mind that doing it yourself is quite a little project. Talking to our customers that went on their on trying to make cheese bread sometimes it did not turn out very good. Just like everything in life you have to know how and that comes with time. That been said, call us now and order your cheese bread from us, that way you enjoy your movie eating some great gluten free bread and leave all the hard part for us.

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